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Galashiels man conned out of £20,000 in social media scam

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A 67-year-old man has been conned into handing over more than £20,000 in a social media scam.
The man, from the Galashiels area in the Borders, was persuaded to click on a link suggesting he had won £150,000 on the lottery.
He then paid a combination of cash and gift cards totalling £21,000 to pay for "delivery fees" and "taxes".
Police are now investigating the fraud and officers have urged people to be on their guard.
Constable Christina Campbell-Falconer, of Galashiels police station, said: "On realising he had been the victim of fraud the man reported his concerns to police and we are now carrying out inquiries.
"We would encourage people to be extremely careful on social media. Sadly, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is not to be trusted.
"It is best not to click on an unsolicited link and never send money or personal financial details to someone who has contacted you unexpectedly on social media.
"The people who carry out frauds like this are well practiced and go to great lengths to appear convincing.
"If in doubt, do not act immediately and seek advice from a trusted friend or family member."

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