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'Grow your own' teachers scheme in the Borders bearing fruit

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Image caption The scheme is forecast to have produced 30 teachers trained in the region by 2021

A council's "grow your own" teacher programme could be rolled out to other parts of the local authority.

It is projected that 30 new teachers who trained in the region will be working in the Borders by 2021.

Scottish Borders Council has teamed up with the University of the Highlands and Islands and Dundee University to deliver the training.

A report said the model could now be adapted to work with other areas of the local authority's workforce.

It said recruitment of teaching staff - particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects - was difficult in rural areas.

Paying a dividend

The council has been working for the past three years to look at alternative ways of training and then recruiting qualified teachers.

The system allows people living in the region to train by distance learning rather than going further afield to study.

"This has been a risk and an investment, taken by the authorities, which is paying the dividend of providing high-quality committed teachers," it said.

It said many people were attracted to being able to complete studies without having to travel outside the region.

The scheme is currently on offer for secondary teaching but is set to be extended to primary teaching.

Upon completing the programme, students are guaranteed a one-year probationer position followed by a permanent post if they successfully complete the probationary year.

Councillors are being asked to agree to continue the programme and to look at further opportunities to increase the teaching workforce in future.

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