South Scotland

Emu on the loose after Ecclefechan care home escape


An emu is on the loose after escaping from its enclosure at a care home.

It is thought the male bird got through a hole in the fence at Burnfoot care home in Ecclefechan, Dumfries and Galloway.

Groundsman Dennis Agnew bought the bird and a female companion a couple of days ago and has found no trace of it since about 15:00 on Thursday.

Anyone who has spotted the missing emu has been asked to contact the care home straight away.

Mr Agnew keeps a range of animals such as donkeys, alpacas and sheep, some of which visit the home over the summer for the residents to see.

He has appealed for people to look out for the missing bird, which is about four feet (1.2m) high.

Fast runner

However, catching it could be a challenge as the birds can run at up to 30mph (50kph).

Mr Agnew said: "I think it has got out through a hole in the fence.

"I've been all over the place looking but I can't find it.

"I would ask people to keep an eye out for an emu."

Anyone who spots the missing bird has been asked to call the care home.

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