Calvin Harris lifts lid on Jam TV's demise

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Harris created the channel after he was interviewed for a feature himself

Scots DJ Calvin Harris has told Radio 1 that a spoof channel he created, Jam TV, did not deserve to "belong on the internet forever".

"It was good at the time," he told Nick Grimshaw but added the videos had now been removed from YouTube.

The channel featured footage of celebrities trying to take the lid off a pot of jam.

Harris said it had been based on a real feature he had been interviewed for by ITV.

"It was at the Wireless Festival 2007," he said.

"She (the interviewer) said: 'The questions are done, we are just doing this thing - we have got a pot of jam and we want to see if you can open it.'

"I did it and obviously I couldn't open it and I was like - is that it?"

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Florence Welch was among the celebrities to appear on the channel

He said that had inspired him to create the channel.

"So I went home and I was like - I can't believe that was a real feature, that is mad," he said.

"I am going to do my own Jam TV except I am going to make it really easy to open and I am going to ask folk to look at me like I am stupid and what am I doing asking them to open a bit of jam."

Among the celebrities who appeared were Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

"I got Florence, I got Katy Perry, I got Tony Robinson from Time Team - I think I got Goldie as well," he added.

"But it has all gone now."