No fentanyl found in seized drugs in the Galashiels area

image source, Getty Images

Police have said no trace of a powerful and potentially fatal painkiller has been found in heroin seized in the Borders.

It comes after 11 people in the Galashiels area became ill having taken drugs from the same batch.

That prompted police to investigate the potential presence of synthetic opiods, including fentanyl.

However, they said that checks carried out on samples they had seized found no such substances were present.

Police had warned of a risk of overdose due to the potential that heroin might have been mixed with the painkiller.

'Health implications'

Fentanyl is sometimes prescribed legally for the terminally ill in the form of a skin patch or nasal spray.

It is about 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

Ch Insp Andy McLean said: "We recognise the impact that drugs can have on our communities, both in terms of the criminal aspect, but also the health implications drugs can have on people.

"As such we take a zero-tolerance approach to drug offences and will actively target those involved in the production and distribution of harmful substances within the Scottish Borders.

"If you wish to report any concerns relating to drugs in your area then please contact us via 101."

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