South Scotland

Berwickshire hare coursing reports investigated

Police are investigating reports of hare coursing near three villages in the Scottish Borders.

Several men, "lurcher-type dogs" and two 4x4 vehicles - one a blue Subaru - were seen near Grantshouse, Ayton and Chirnside on Tuesday.

Police said the hunting of hares with dogs was an offence and caused "distress to wildlife and dogs" as well as damage to farmland.

Anyone with information has been asked to come forward.

PC Nick Walker said hare coursing was most likely to occur at weekends or evenings during daylight hours.

"Spring and autumn are the peak seasons and coursing generally takes place on flat arable farmland and grassland without the consent of the landowner," he said.

"Those involved in this activity will usually use lurchers, greyhounds and whippets which hunt by sight and are normally walked across fields on slip leads and are released when any hares run off.

"It has been known for multiple dogs to chase one hare and money to change hands dependent on which dog kills the hare."

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