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Dumfries school pupil intake capping levels revealed

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Image caption Schools in Dumfries are being overhauled and their capacities being changed

A report has revealed proposed pupil intake capping levels as part of plans to overhaul education in Dumfries.

The numbers are set out in a report to go to the local authority next week.

The council said it would allow the schools to work "more effectively and efficiently" within building capacity.

The report said that secondary pupil numbers in the town had "declined significantly" over the past 20 years while primary schools had room for another 1,400 children.

All four secondary schools in Dumfries are being rebuilt or refurbished under the Learning Town scheme.

A new "learning hub" with room for more than 300 students is also being built.

Dumfries school capacities
School Current capacity Students in 2016/17 Post works capacity
Dumfries Academy 943 614 730
Dumfries High School 1,126 771 810
Maxwelltown High School 650 315 490
St Joseph's College 765 731 730
Total capacity 3,484 2,431 2,760

The proposals would see both Dumfries Academy and Dumfries High School have caps imposed on their S1 intake from next year which would be below average numbers for the last 20 years.

The report said that the caps on intake would be reviewed each year taking into account a range of factors.

Proposed S1 student intake from August 2017
School Proposed maximum S1 intake Average S1 intake 1996-2015
Dumfries Academy 130 137
Dumfries High School 140 173
Maxwelltown High School 90 66
St Joseph's College 130 127

It said the new combined capacity of secondary schools would be "more than enough" to meet the needs of the town.

Figures for the primary schools show all of them would have a maximum intake set at or above their 20-year average except for schools planned to move to new sites.

Proposed P1 student intake from August 2017
Primary school Proposed maximum P1 intake Average P1 intake 1996-2015
Ae 6 2
Amisfield 10 8
Brownhall 9 6
Caerlaverock 13 7
Calside 36 28
Cargenbridge 17 14
Collin 9 7
Georgetown 50 44
Heathhall 45 45
Holywood 10 8
Kirkbean 9 6
Laurieknowe 50 48
Lincluden 40 36
Locharbriggs 50 23 (from 2010-2015)
Lochside 29 33
Loreburn 27 29
New Abbey 9 6
Noblehill 44 37
Shawhead 6 5
St Andrew's 31 25
St Michael's 25 24
St Ninian's 29 22
St Teresa's 25 13
Troqueer 45 36

The school rolls at St Ninian's and Lochside will be combined from August 2018 while figures for Loreburn Primary have been based on plans to move it to part of a central campus including Dumfries Academy.

Ae Primary, Caerlaverock Primary, Kirkbean Primary, Locharbriggs Primary and St Teresa's Primary are part of a "low utilisation" review.

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