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Postman Jimmy Waters saves woman trapped under car

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image captionJimmy Waters (right) has been congratulated by colleagues

A postman has been hailed a hero after rescuing a woman who was trapped under her car for two hours.

Jimmy Waters, who was on a delivery round, found the injured woman lying outside her home near West Linton.

He is the second postman from Royal Mail's Peebles office to be recognised for his heroics.

His colleague, Lawrence Fairbairn, was invited to the Queen's garden party after saving a woman who was trapped in her bath for three days.

Mr Waters, 61, discovered the woman while he was delivering mail in a rural part of the Scottish Borders at 12:00 on 4 June.

She had been trapped under her car since 10:00, when it had apparently suffered a problem with its handbrake and rolled backwards on top of her.

'Absolutely horrific'

The postman, who has 18 years experience, released the woman before raising the alarm, waiting with her until the ambulance arrived.

His manager, Gary Watson, praised Mr Waters by saying: "It could have been totally different had Jimmy not arrived when he arrived.

"The consequences of somebody being trapped for a significant period of time doesn't bear thinking about.

"What the lady went through must be absolutely horrific.

"But I believe she's on the way to making a full recovery now and she's obviously extremely grateful to Jimmy, as we all are, for his actions on the day."

image copyrightRoyal Mail
image captionLawrence Fairbairn found a woman who had been stuck in her bath for three days

The incident came just two months after Mr Fairbairn discovered a woman stuck in her bath in her flat in Peebles.

He called an ambulance and waited with her until help arrived.

Mr Watson said: "I am immensely proud of both Lawrence and Jimmy.

"It just goes to show that for a postman or postwoman in a rural area, it's not just all about delivering the mail.

"They can literally make a difference to some people and in this instance, clearly they have."

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