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Tweed Valley osprey cameras catch jay pinching 'fish supper'

Ospreys and jay Image copyright Tweed Valley Ospreys
Image caption The jay was spotted at the back of the nest picking up what is thought to be its "fish supper"

A jay has been caught on CCTV cameras pinching its own "fish supper" from an osprey nest being monitored in the Scottish Borders.

Three chicks have hatched at the Tweed Valley project this year.

Volunteers watching the nest first saw the adult male osprey bringing them fish but then a "cheeky jay" appeared.

It was seen picking up items from the back of the nest, thought to have been leftover fish, and eating them.

Information officer Diane Bennett said: "A fish supper at the jay residence must be a welcome break from acorns!

"The ospreys are not concerned that these morsels have been taken from the nest and clearly don't perceive the jay as a threat, which is strange, as the jay is certainly capable of taking the tiny osprey chicks at this stage of their life.

"Maybe, the clean-up operation to remove fish debris discarded by the osprey family is welcomed for now, particularly as the chicks would never intentionally be left alone while they are so small."

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