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Night skiing plans unveiled at Lowther Hills centre

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A south of Scotland ski centre has unveiled plans for floodlit night skiing and a new clubhouse as its first season came to a close.

The Lowther Hills Ski Club was formed to develop permanent facilities at the villages of Wanlockhead and Leadhills.

As well as installing floodlights and building the clubhouse, they also hope to put up snow fencing.

Ski club chairman Anjo Abelaira said they aimed to secure grant funding in future to support their plans.

"Lowther Hills is Scotland's only community-owned ski area," he said.

"As a local resident, I am proud and grateful that we got so many volunteers locally as well as from outside our villages doing work that benefits our area."

'Fantastic job'

The plans for the future were unveiled at the club's last meeting of the season, attended by Children's Minister Aileen Campbell.

Mr Abelaira said the project had made a great start in "awakening interest" in the sport in children in the area.

"But as these young children grow up, we have to improve our facilities to keep them interested in the sport as they grow out of the beginners' areas," he added.

"We have done a fantastic job over the past year, but more is needed so that everybody is able to enjoy accessible, comfortable, attractive, sustainable, and lasting snow sports facilities on Lowther Hill.

"We keep receiving endless compliments for bringing back skiing to this beautiful part of the south of Scotland.

"What we are doing is clearly inspiring many people, and we are very grateful for everybody's support."

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