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Moffat pensioner avoids £10,000 scam thanks to taxi driver

Advice from a taxi driver has helped a 79-year-old man to avoid being trapped by a £10,000 bank scam.

The Moffat pensioner was targeted by people claiming to work for the fraud office at his bank.

They said there had been fraudulent activity on his account and told him to go to his bank and withdraw £10,000 and take it home and await instructions.

He was on his way by taxi to his branch when he told the driver the story and he spotted it was a scam.

'Elderly and vulnerable'

They stopped the journey to the bank and reported the incident to police.

Pc John Cowan said: "Sadly not all cases have a result like this and cash, sometimes quite substantial amounts, have been lost by the victim.

"In this case the taxi driver was alert to the situation and was able to stop him before any money was withdrawn.

"We do urge everyone to keep alert to such scams, which often target the elderly and vulnerable in our communities and as usual, if in doubt, hang up, contact your bank or building society direct, or call police on 101."

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