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In pictures: Murmuration of starlings near Gretna

image captionStarlings have been gathering in huge numbers over the village of Rigg near Gretna, producing dramatic patterns in the sky
image captionThe weight of starlings on power lines in the area caused some localised problems with power supplies
image captionThe birds gather each day, in what is known as a murmuration, when they fly and swoop in unison before finding a place to roost for the night
image captionNumbers of starlings increase at this time of year when migrating birds from Europe join flocks in the UK because of the milder climate
image captionThe best time to see the wildlife display is just before dusk, when the flying formations can last for more than 15 minutes
image captionThe number of birds over Gretna has been estimated at tens of thousands and is one of the biggest murmurations in the UK

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