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Eyemouth promenade closure move over wave safety risk

Harbour wall at Eyemouth
Image caption The promenade will be closed in Eyemouth during the highest tides to protect passers-by from waves

A Borders promenade is to shut during the highest tides to protect passers-by from waves coming over the sea wall.

The move follows a study which found "overtopping events" at Eyemouth could put members of the public at risk.

Last year a teenage girl was seriously injured at the harbour when she was swept out to sea while trying to pull a friend to safety.

After consultation with the public, a six-point safety plan has been drawn up to protect people in the area.

The first steps are to raise awareness of the issue in the community and spend £11,000 on temporary barriers.

During stormy weather, when the waves could pose a danger, the council will alert the harbour master, the local resilient community group, and its own staff.

They will then close off the promenade using the barriers - and ensure, as much as is possible, that people stay away from the wall.

A variable message warning sign will also be available from the beginning of June until mid-September.

It has been estimated the new measures could see the walkway closed up to five or six times a year.

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