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Dumfries and Galloway memory stick aid for older people tested

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Media captionThe USB memory sticks provide a variety of information to older people in the area

Older people in Dumfries and Galloway are being given USB memory sticks full of information aimed at helping their health and welfare.

The pilot project will see 1,000 data devices given away in the Stewartry area of the region.

School pupils have been enlisted to provide instructions for anybody struggling with the technology.

The project is the idea of the Stewartry Safety Forum which already produces a guide for school leavers.

Police Crime Reduction Officer, Simon Kennedy, said the scheme tried to cover as many areas as possible.

"We have got information from a number of different organisations split into three categories - safety, health and wealth," he said.

"Obviously there are different aspects to each of those categories which we are hoping will be both of interest and informative to the senior members.

"Speaking to some of the initial recipients they were quite surprised with the fact that the information on the stick signposts them to the organisations' up-to-date internet websites."

'Good job'

The information provided on the computer memory sticks covers everything from crime prevention to health.

Kirkgunzeon Primary is one of the schools where pupils have been helping instruct older relatives on how to use the data devices.

Head Teacher David Stevens said the children were proving very adept at passing on the advice.

"We often teach a subject to them and then ask them to teach another group of students," he said.

"They particularly enjoy teaching their relatives and I think they are doing a really good job with it.

"I think it is a great way of getting information out to people and if the school can help in any way, perhaps by offering the IT facilities or even the children to help, then we are glad to do that."

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