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Husband and wife rescued in Cheviot Hills operation


A man who suffered a stroke in the Cheviot Hills and his wife who raised the alarm but then got lost herself have been rescued by a search unit.

The Borders Search and Rescue Unit (BSRU) was called out to help the man at 19:30 on Tuesday.

However, when they arrived at Cocklawfoot Farm near Yetholm the woman who had raised the alarm was lost.

She was found on the Pennine Way and a rescue helicopter traced her husband. Both were taken to hospital.

The woman was said to be "tired and a little bit confused" while the man was "exhausted and suffering some medical problems".

The couple in their 60s, who were visiting the Borders from Lancaster, were undertaking a walk across the Scotland-England border when the 60-year-old man was taken ill.

It is thought he suffered a mild stroke and was unable to continue.

His 66-year-old wife left him as comfortable as she could and set off to find help with their six-month-old terrier Sam in her rucksack.

With a fading mobile phone battery, she managed to put out a 999 call, but details for rescuers were described as "a little confused and contradictory".

The woman was eventually traced and a helicopter was able to find her husband and they were both airlifted to hospital.

The dog was looked after by a BSRU team member.

BSRU deputy team-leader Stuart Fuller-Shapcott said: "It was a very satisfying result.

"We had 14 team members turnout, leaving home and families and making a round-trip of up to 130 miles to attend the search.

"It looked like it could turn into a very protracted search, and we had two neighbouring teams ready to join us.

"Tweed Valley MRT were already well on their way to Cocklawfoot with a large contingent, and Northumberland MRT were on standby.

"A tragedy was averted by the quick response and professionalism that we train for all year round."