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Dumfries charity worker wins TV theft tribunal payout

A charity worker who was sacked after her bosses believed she had stolen a donated television has won more than £14,500 at an employment tribunal.

Elizabeth Donnelly was dismissed from her post at the British Heart Foundation shop in Dumfries last year.

A tribunal found the investigation into the case was "fundamentally flawed" and there were no reasonable grounds to conclude she had stolen the television.

It ruled she had been unfairly dismissed and awarded her £14,795.50.

The hearing found that Ms Donnelly had explained the circumstances and "was not culpable or blameworthy".

It heard that she had taken a TV set donated to the shop which she knew was not of a type that could be sold on.

She had told her assistant manager that she would take the set home and make a donation if it worked.

However, she was subsequently sacked after an internal investigation.

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