Scotland's political leaders at work and play

By Glenn Campbell
Political editor, BBC Scotland

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As Scotland's party leaders head towards the election finishing line I ask them how they relax outside the political bubble and what they hope to achieve from the Holyrood 2021 contest.

Nicola Sturgeon - 'I would love to write a novel'

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Nicola Sturgeon: "Reading has always been something I have made time for in my life, it is how I switch off and relax."

Douglas Ross - 'Can't wait for a wee brother or sister for Alistair'

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Douglas Ross: "We will get the election out of the way and a few weeks after that Krystle is due our second."

Anas Sarwar - 'I am in this for the long-haul'

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Anas Sarwar: "I am not going to pretend that I am a massive climber - I have done bits of it with my kids, but I am having a lot more climbing in this election."

Lorna Slater - 'Flying on a trapeze is wildly addictive'

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Lorna Slater: "There is something about pushing yourself, testing yourself, learning to be high upside down but, it also really frees your mind."

Willie Rennie - 'I could go on for a very long time yet'

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Willie Rennie: "I just look at Joe Biden and I think I could go on for a very, very long time yet. How old is he? I think I have got decades left."