Scottish Parliament election 2021: Central Scotland regional candidates


Find out who's standing as a regional list candidate in the Scottish Parliament elections in Central Scotland using the list below.

Or use the postcode search box to find out who's standing in your constituency seat.

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Note: This lookup covers national elections in Scotland and Wales, the Hartlepool by-election, as well as council and mayoral elections in England and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in England and Wales. There may be parish council elections or council by-elections where you are. Check your local council website for full details. Last updated: May 11, 2021, 12:35 GMT

Parties are listed in alphabetical order, while the candidates are in the order they appear on the list for each party. If you see a mistake in the listings below, please let us know.

Abolish the Scottish Parliament

John Mortimer

Lee McLauchlan


Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

Lynne Anderson

Jim Walker

Margaret Lynch

All For Unity

Mary Devlin

Jonathan Stanley

Matt Alexander

Sandra Hill

Billy Ross

Sandy Smart

Lachlan MacNeil

Freedom Alliance

Dave Frankland

Claire McClaren

John Irvine

Louise Bannigan

Di Meechan

Colin McMillan

Independent Green Voice

John Robertson

Reform UK

Alan Melville

Hugh Skinner

Alexander MacGregor

Ann Murray

Scottish Conservatives

Stephen Kerr

Graham Simpson

Meghan Gallacher

Haroun Malik

Neil Benny

Ross Lambie

Nathan Wilson

Gordon Macdonald

Bryan Flannagan

Scottish Family Party

Leo Lanahan

Josh McGrory

Helen MacEachen

Christine MacIver

Christopher Hendry

Scottish Greens

Gillian Mackay

Rosemary McGowan

Clare Williams

Tom McLaughlin

Patrick McAleer

Kyle Davidson

James Stuart Duffin

Scottish Labour

Richard Leonard

Monica Lennon

Mark Griffin

Monique McAdams

Chris Costello

Michael McPake

Allyson Black

Martine Nolan

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Paul McGarry

Mark McGeever

Dawn Allan

Sir Graham Watson

Ewan McRobert

Karen Utting

Austin Reid

Scottish Libertarian Party

Mark Meechan

Katrina Angus

Scottish National Party

Danish Ashraf

Christina McKelvie

Neil Gray

Michelle Thomson

Fulton MacGregor

Stephanie Callaghan

Grant Ferguson

Iain Sinclair

Paul Welsh

Josh Wilson

Cameron McManus


Neil Wilson

Yvonne Mackay

Steven Unwin

George Cowan


Paddy Hogg