Scottish MEP quits Brexit Party to sit as independent

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Louis Stedman-Bryce was elected as a Brexit Party MEP for Scotland in May, but will now sit as an independent

Scotland's only Brexit Party MEP has resigned from the party and will now sit as an independent.

Louis Stedman-Bryce was elected to the European Parliament in May, when the Brexit Party finished second in the election in Scotland.

However he has now quit, saying his "personal values" are "in direct conflict with those of the party".

He said he remained committed to Brexit and its backers in Scotland, and would "fight on" to represent them as an MEP.

A spokesman for the Brexit Party said they were "sad to see Louis Stedman-Bryce go", and said they would "always oppose bigotry and fight for a proper Brexit".

Mr Stedman-Bryce, who is openly gay, claimed the Brexit Party had selected a Scottish candidate who has "posted homophobic views across social media", something he called a "betrayal of the LGBT community".

The party said it had cut ties with the candidate in question "as soon as his comments came to light".

In a video posted on social media, Mr Stedman-Bryce also said the party had "repeatedly failed to deliver" on its promises.

He said: "The Brexit Party's position on Brexit may have changed, but mine has not - I remain committed to Brexit and to the people of Scotland who voted for me, and I will fight on unhindered as an independent MEP to ensure our voice is heard."

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Mr Stedman-Bryce had earlier resigned as a Brexit Party candidate for the snap general election campaign in protest at the party's decision not to contest Conservative-held seats.

Party leader Nigel Farage said he was "a bit confused" by the move, saying Mr Stedman-Bryce had proposed the strategy of not standing against Conservatives in the first place.