General election 2019: Scottish candidate lists confirmed

Image source, PA

The deadline for candidates to be nominated for the 12 December general election in Scotland has passed.

The SNP, the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems are expected to stand in all 59 of Scotland's constituencies.

The Greens have put forward a total of 22 candidates - up from three in 2017 - while the Brexit Party and UKIP are also contesting multiple seats.

A full list of candidates will be published on the BBC Scotland website in due course.

The UK goes to the polls on 12 December for a snap general election, the third national poll in five years but the first winter contest in decades.

The 2017 election saw the number of candidates from outside the four main parties drop to an all-time low under current boundaries, with only 30 representatives of other parties and independents in the running.

This is unlikely to be repeated in 2019, with the Greens increasing their slate of candidates and the Brexit Party joining UKIP on the ballot paper in some areas.

Smaller parties including the Scottish Christian Party and the Scottish Family Party have also put forward candidates.

People have until midnight on 26 November to register to vote in the election.