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Scottish Labour leaflets sent in Welsh instead of Gaelic

Welsh Labour leaflet Image copyright John Finnie

Scottish Labour has sent hundreds of voters in the north of Scotland leaflets which include Welsh text instead of Gaelic.

The bilingual leaflets were sent out by the party across Ross-shire as part of their campaign ahead of the European elections on 23 May.

A spokesman for the party said it appeared that boxes had been incorrectly labelled at the printers.

He stressed that no personal data had been shared.

Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands John Finnie tweeted a picture of the leaflet, which had English down one side and Welsh down the other.

Alongside the picture of the leaflet, he wrote that he was a "big fan" of the Welsh language - adding "canan uabhasach math" which is Gaelic for "a very good language".

"Seems @scottishlabour are keen to promote [the Welsh language] too, by this leaflet, across Highlands and Islands", he commented.

Image copyright John Finnie
Image caption Scottish Labour sent hundreds of Scottish voters a leaflet containing Welsh instead of Gaelic text

Labour later shared a statement from a Cardiff-based printer apologising for an error that meant boxes of leaflets were incorrectly labelled and sent to the wrong locations.

Earlier this year, the party was criticised for using shots of the Welsh mountain Tryfan in Snowdonia in a campaign video about their vision for Scotland.

Last week, the SNP referred itself to the Information Commissioner's Office after letters were addressed to the wrong people.

Hundreds of voters in the upcoming election had letters delivered to their homes that were addressed to people who had never lived there.

A SNP spokesperson said it was due to a clerical error but there were no ongoing issues with data security or identity theft.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie received the SNP communication, addressed to "Edna Rennie". He joked on Twitter that he planned to demand Nicola Sturgeon address him as Edna in parliament.