Who are the MEP candidates in Scotland?

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Scotland's political parties have submitted their candidate lists for European Parliament elections in May - should the UK end up holding them.

Voting has been fixed for Thursday 23 May, but could still be called off if a Brexit deal is agreed before then.

Scotland operates as a single nation-wide constituency for the election, and is represented by six MEPs.

Parties put forward lists of candidates who are then elected on a proportional representation basis from votes cast.

Here is the full list of candidates confirmed as standing in Scotland by the Electoral Commission.


  • Alyn Smith (currently an MEP)
  • Christian Allard
  • Aileen Macleod
  • Margaret Ferrier
  • Heather Anderson
  • Alexander Kerr

Scottish Conservatives

  • Nosheena Mobarik (currently an MEP)
  • Iain McGill
  • Shona Haslam
  • Iain Whyte
  • Andrea Gee
  • Michael Kusznir

Scottish Labour

  • David Martin (currently an MEP)
  • Jayne Baxter
  • Craig Miller
  • Amy Lee Fraioli
  • Callum O'Dwyer
  • Angela Bretherton

Scottish Greens

  • Maggie Chapman
  • Lorna Slater
  • Gillian Mackay
  • Chas Booth
  • Mags Hall
  • Allan Faulds

Scottish Lib Dems

  • Sheila Ritchie
  • Fred Mackintosh
  • Catriona Bhatia
  • Vita Zaporozcenko
  • John Edward
  • Clive Sneddon


  • Donald MacKay
  • Janice MacKay
  • Otto Inglis
  • Mark Meechan
  • Roy Hill
  • Neil Wilson

Change UK

  • David Macdonald
  • Peter Griffiths
  • Kate Forman
  • Heather Astbury
  • Colin McFadyen
  • Catherine Edgeworth

Brexit Party

  • Louis Stedman-Bryce
  • Karina Walker
  • James Ferguson-Hannah
  • Stuart Waiton
  • Paul Aitken
  • Calum Walker


  • Ken Parke
  • Gordon Edgar