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Election 2017: Was that Angus Robertson's last PMQs?

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Media captionThe SNP's Angus Robertson clashed with Theresa May at the final PMQs before the election

Angus Robertson has become perhaps the most high-profile SNP MP. He leads the third biggest group in parliament and gets to quiz the prime minister weekly.

His questioning at PMQs has won him plaudits from commentators at Westminster.

But the Conservatives are hoping he could be one of the biggest scalps on 8 June. Senior Tories tell me Moray - the constituency Mr Robertson has held since 2001 and his party since 1987 - is one of their top targets in Scotland.

Polls suggest the Tories are on the up in Scotland. Although some are playing down the idea of the party winning as many as 12 seats - as one poll indicated - they are happy to entertain the idea they could take Moray. That's despite Mr Robertson winning by more than 9,000 votes last time.

So, why is this a Tory target?

Well it's the area of Scotland which came closest to backing leave in the EU referendum (every counting area in Scotland voted remain, but in Moray the remain vote was 50.1% remain, by 49.9% leave). The Tories hope they can win over those leave voters with their Brexit plans.

They'll be hoping too that their vocal opposition to a another independence referendum (which will be key to their Scottish campaign) appeals to the 57.5% of Moray voters who voted No in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

The party also had an encouraging result here in the equivalent Holyrood seat. Last year (pre-EU referendum) at the Scottish Parliament elections, the Conservatives cut the SNP majority from almost 11,000 to under 3,000.

The Tories have picked MSP Douglas Ross to contest the seat.

Are the SNP worried? If so, they're not admitting it for now. They point out they've held the seat for 30 years and have no intention of letting that change.

They also point out Mr Ross hasn't quit his Holyrood list seat yet, unlike his colleague John Lamont who has said he'll leave Holyrood to contest Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk. If Mr Ross was confident, the SNP suggest, he would follow suit.

And as for Mr Robertson himself, he was quick to respond to this piece on social media.

Using his twitter feed he said: "Don't mind disappointing the Tories, but I look forward to defeating their candidate for the third time in a row."

Nevertheless, expect the Tories to put a lot of time, money and effort into campaigning here, especially with local fishermen and those in the agricultural sector.

Expect the SNP to put a lot into it too. It's a campaign and result we'll be watching closely.

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