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Donald Trump phone call to Nicola Sturgeon

Donald Trump and Nicola Sturgeon

US President-elect Donald Trump and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have spoken on the phone.

The two leaders discussed the "longstanding relationship between Scotland and the United States".

Ms Sturgeon also emphasised shared values during the brief call, the Scottish government said.

The call came a year after she stripped him of his role as business ambassador for Scotland, after his controversial remarks about Muslims.

In a statement, the Scottish government said: "The president-elect of the United States called the first minister on Friday for a brief introductory conversation.

"The first minister offered her congratulations and, reflecting on the letter she sent him following the election, expressed her belief in the values Scotland and the United States share.

"The first minister and the president-elect also discussed the longstanding relationship between Scotland and the United States."

Mr Trump's mother came from the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles and he has often emphasised his Scottish ancestry.

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Image caption The Trump International course in Aberdeenshire was mired in controversy for years

His corporation owns two golf resorts in Scotland, the Trump International course on the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire and the Trump Turnberry course in Ayrshire.

At one time he appeared to have a warm relationship with former first minister Alex Salmond, but it soured as Mr Trump tried to block plans for an offshore windfarm near his Aberdeenshire golf course.

Mr Trump has been a fierce critic of Scottish wind energy schemes, describing wind turbines as "monsters" that destroy the landscape and telling MSPs that Scottish government targets on CO2 emissions were "ridiculous".

Nicola Sturgeon backed Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

In December last year, after Mr Trump's suggestion that Muslims be banned from entering the United States, she stripped him of his role as business ambassador for Scotland.

He had been appointed as a GlobalScot ambassador by Labour's then first minister Jack McConnell in 2006.

After Mr Trump's election victory, however, Ms Sturgeon wrote to him, congratulating him on his win.

In the letter she said the two nations shared values of "equality, tolerance, diversity and human rights for all regardless of race, faith, gender or sexual orientation" and on that basis she wished him success in the years ahead.

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