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Ruth Davidson appointed to Privy Council

Ruth Davidson Image copyright PA
Image caption Ruth Davidson said she was "honoured" by the appointment

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has been appointed to the Privy Council.

The council's historic role was to advise monarchs in carrying out their duties.

It obtains formal approval for measures already ordered by ministers.

Ms Davidson was among four politicians appointed by the Queen, including Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster, David Gauke MP and Ed Vaizey MP.

There are several hundred privy counsellors who take an oath of confidentiality and are styled Rt Hon.

Members holding the lifetime appointment include current and former politicians, senior judges, and figures from the Commonwealth.

The Privy Council is also the court of final appeal for the UK's overseas territories and crown dependencies.

Ms Davidson said: "I am deeply honoured by this appointment and promise to discharge all duties required of privy counsellors with diligence and care."

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