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Sturgeon says economic stimulus needed for UK after Carney talks

Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Carney Image copyright PA/Reuters
Image caption Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Bank of England governor Mark Carney met in London

Scotland's first minister has called for economic stimulus measures to prevent a UK-wide recession.

Nicola Sturgeon was speaking after a meeting with Bank of England governor Mark Carney to discuss the economic outlook following the EU referendum.

She said a stimulus package was not just for the Bank, but for the new UK government too.

Theresa May has taken over from David Cameron who has stepped down as prime minister.

He tendered his resignation after the UK voted for Brexit by 52% to 48%.

In Scotland people voted by 62% to 38% for Britain to retain membership.

Ms May has begun appointing her new cabinet and will spearhead talks on how and when the UK leaves the EU.

Ms Sturgeon had a private meeting with Mr Carney to discuss the economic outlook following the referendum on 23 June.

She later met the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, to talk about preserving links with the European Union.

Speaking in advance of that meeting, the first minister said: "As part of a series of meetings in London today, I will meet with the Chief Minister of Gibraltar - part of the UK that also voted to remain in the EU.

"I am looking forward to exploring how we can work together to ensure that our interests are protected in the uncertain period that lies ahead."

Image caption The first minister and the chief minister of Gibraltar want to retain EU links