Five facts from Scottish EU referendum vote

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Ballot boxes are brought in to the counting at the Glasgow count centre at the Emirates ArenaImage source, Getty Images

1. Scotland voted decisively in favour of remaining in the EU but the UK voted to leave

There were 2,679,513 votes cast (not including rejected ballots) in Scotland. There were 1,661,191 for Remain, exactly 62% of the votes cast.

This was compared with a 51.9% vote in favour of Leave across the UK.

There were just over a million votes for Leave in Scotland (1,018,332), almost 650,000 votes behind Remain.

Every Scottish local authority area voted in favour of Remain.

2. Voter turnout was down on the Scottish independence referendum

There were 3,987,112 people eligible to vote in Scotland at this election but only 67.2% did.

When Scotland went to the polls for the Scottish independence referendum 20 months ago, voters were more keen to have their say.

Almost 85% of the electorate took part.

The EU referendum turnout north of the border was better than both this May's Holyrood election and the 2015 General Election. However, it was below the average 72.2% voter participation seen in the UK as a whole.

3. Islanders were first to have a say

The first result in Scotland came from the Orkney Islands at 00:05 on Friday. The Leave campaign won more than 4,193 of the votes, while 7,189 people backed Remain. The final result from Scotland came from Aberdeenshire at 04:35. The breakdown there was Leave at 45% and Remain at 55%.

4. Edinburgh was the most Remain area of Scotland

A massive 74.4% of those who voted in Edinburgh chose to Remain in the EU - 187,796 voters out of the 252,294 who cast their ballot.

East Renfrewshire was close behind on 74.3%, followed by East Dunbartonshire on 71.4%.

However, the most pro-Remain vote was in Gibraltar, where almost 96% of voters said they wanted to stay in the EU.

Three London boroughs and the Foyle area of Northern Ireland were above 75% Remain.

5. Moray was the least Remain area of Scotland

It was a different story in Moray where Remain won by just 122 votes. Leave got 49.9% of the votes in Moray, the closest of any of Scotland's 32 local authority areas.

The result was nowhere near as close anywhere else.

Dumfries and Galloway was 53.1% for Remain.

Aberdeenshire, Western Isles and Angus all had a 55% to 45% split in favour of Remain.