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Scottish Lib Dems announce 'balanced' top team

Willie Rennie Image copyright PA
Image caption Willie Rennie said his new team would be a strong voice inside and outside parliament

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has announced his new leadership team, with women outnumbering men.

The move came after the party's candidate selection process contributed to an all-male group of Lib Dem MSPs elected to Holyrood in May.

Mr Rennie appointed several female councillors and party members to key roles to increase gender balance.

The party has also taken action which aims to increase female candidates at future parliamentary elections.

Mr Rennie and his four fellow male MSPs have been given policy portfolios in areas like finance, health and education.

In addition, three female councillors and several unelected Liberal Democrat members will speak on a range of issues including social security and the environment.

Holyrood candidate Katy Gordon, who failed to get elected, will oversee the party's 2017 council election campaign.

Mr Rennie said: "This gender-balanced team will provide strong liberal voices inside and outside parliament.

"These appointments will put the Liberal Democrats in the strongest possible position to grow over the next five years."