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Tory Ruth Davidson speaks of her run-in with police following conker hunt

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Media captionScottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson took the five-floor lift challenge

Young voters have been quizzing Scotland's party leaders during a five-stop lift journey.

Fourth through the sliding doors was Ruth Davidson of the Scottish Tory Party. She spoke about being caught for speeding and a run-in with the police over a hunt for conkers.

Asking the questions were Sarah (18); Jamie-Lee (16); Louis (16); Erin (18) and Megan (18).

They are all members of the BBC's Generation 2016 election panel.

Ms Davidson admitted that as a child she "made lots of noise, disturbing old people" when she and friends attempted to knock conkers down from a tree outside a retirement home.

She also said that she was willing to give a home to a refugee but she lived in a two bed new-build with not a large amount of space.

'The most interesting woman I've met'

Posed the question, who would you want to be stuck in a lift with, Ms Davidson said: "I think the most interesting person that I've ever met is a woman called Madeleine Albright, she used to be the Secretary of State in the US under the Clinton administration I met her once very briefly and she was fascinating.

"I'd love to have more time, just to talk to her and get information so if we could be stuck in a lift, then I'd be able to ask her all the questions I have for her.

Ms Davidson was also asked if she would fight in a war and whether she thought it right that there was a lower minimum wage for young people.

The Scottish Green Party's Patrick Harvie; Scottish Liberal Democrat Willie Rennie; Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon have also been part of the BBC's "Leaders in a Lift" series.

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