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SNP conference: Party aims to reach every internet user in Scotland

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Media captionJohn Swinney says the SNP's digital and doorstep campaign will reach every household in Scotland

Scotland's deputy first minister said the SNP would aim to reach every internet user in Scotland ahead of May's Holyrood election.

John Swinney told SNP conference members of the ambitious digital plan.

He said contacting voters online would be combined with traditional doorstep campaigning.

The rallying call by Mr Swinney, who is also the Scottish government's finance secretary, rounded off the two-day conference in Glasgow.

He said he wanted the party to "fight hard to win in every seat we contest" on 5 May.

Current polling has suggested the SNP has every reason to be confident of winning a third term.

The SNP is typically registering 50% support for constituency polling.

It also has the opportunity to top up any first-past-the-post seats it wins with regional list seats.

Of the 129 Scottish Parliament seats available in 2011, the SNP won 69 enabling it to form a majority government.

'Hope and aspiration for Scotland'

In his speech, Mr Swinney said: "I can promise you the most comprehensive campaign we have ever fought.

"Our campaign will be built on the foundations of traditional doorstep campaigning - house by house throughout the country - that has been the hallmark of the Scottish National Party.

"But we will also add to that a stronger digital campaign to expand the scale, the scope and the reach of our message of hope and aspiration for Scotland.

"Our digital plan will have the aim of reaching every single internet user in Scotland by polling day.".

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