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Alex Salmond tried to fly as Captain Kirk

USS Enterprise and Alex Salmond Image copyright AP/PA

Former first minister Alex Salmond almost missed a flight after booking it under the name of Star Trek captain James T Kirk, it has emerged.

British Airways initially refused to let the SNP MP board at Heathrow under the sci-fi alias.

Mr Salmond, a well-known Trekkie, said he often travelled under a false name for security reasons.

The situation, which happened over the summer, was sorted out with a series of calls from staff.

The member of parliament told the Mail on Sunday: "It was all sorted out. I just wanted BA to 'beam me up, Scotty'."

Mr Salmond indicated that in future he will be travelling under a different name.

He added: "I will choose another Star Trek character - but not Mr Spock because that would be illogical."

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