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Scottish Secretary promises 'substantial' devolution improvements

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Media captionScottish Secretary David Mundell said the Scotland Bill would deliver "significant powers" for Scotland

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has promised "substantial" improvements to the legislation which will transfer further powers to Holyrood.

His remarks came during Scottish Questions at Westminster when he was criticised from the opposition benches.

He was accused of failing to deliver the full recommendations of the Smith commission or accept any amendments.

Mr Mundell promised substantive amendments to the Scotland Bill at its later Report Stage in the Commons.

The Tory MP accused the SNP of "soundbites, stunts and political opportunism".

The SNP's Scotland Affairs Committee chairman Pete Wishart said the Scottish people did not want Westminster "cronies and donors" in the House of Lords amending the bill.

Proper debate

Mr Wishart said: "You've been asked a very straight and clear question, will you now rule out bringing significant and substantive changes to the Scotland Bill in the unelected House of Lords?

"The House of Lords has never been held in such contempt by the Scottish people who see it as nothing but a repository for the cronies and donors of the Westminster parties."

Mr Mundell replied: "You don't listen.

"The position has been made very clear repeatedly through the committee stage of this debate, that amendments will come forward at report stage and be debated in this House.

"But you have been rumbled - you don't want to participate in proper debate about the issues of concern to the people of Scotland, you are interested in press releases and stunts."

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