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Scottish independence: Radio station bans Scottish music until after referendum

Paulo Nutini
Image caption Paulo Nutini will not be heard on BOB FM until after September 18's vote

A Hertfordshire radio station has banned all Scottish music until after the independence referendum.

BOB FM says it is going "Scot Free" by removing artists like Paolo Nutini and Primal Scream from its playlist until after 18 September.

Better Together said it was "not the biggest issue" affecting Scotland.

A Yes Scotland spokesman said the "sound of celebration" after a Yes vote will be heard "as far as the Home Counties."

On Wednesday morning, breakfast show host Graham Mack interrupted '500 Miles' by The Proclaimers to announce the ban on Scottish music.

He said: "I've had enough of this! You'll walk 500 hundred miles, but you don't want anything to do with England? After all we've done for you!

"From now on, this radio station is banning anything Scottish, that includes music by ALL Scottish artists! Until further notice, BOB fm is now Scot Free!"

The station also created a new logo featuring the union flag without the Scottish blue.

A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: "The sound of celebration after a Yes vote next Thursday will be heard, even as far as the Home Counties, and will be music to our ears."

A spokesman for Better Together said: "In a week where major banks have said they plan to move business to England, this is probably not the biggest issue affecting people in Scotland."

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