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Scottish independence: Looking for information on the referendum?

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We are now into the final stretch of the referendum campaign.

Voters will be asked the yes/no question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" on 18 September.

So, do you feel you have enough information to make your choice?

Fear not, this handy guide will direct you to what's going on between now and voting day.


There are a number of debates on the horizon - none more highly-anticipated than Salmond v Darling II.

After their STV clash on 5 August, the First Minister Alex Salmond and the leader of the Better Together campaign Alistair Darling are due to go head-to-head once again, this time hosted by the BBC.

Both sides have agreed to the date - 25 August - and the following day, BBC presenter James Cook is on the road again with the Referendum Debate.

After trips to Greenock, Kelso, Fife, Orkney, the Isle of Skye and Inverness, the series will continue from Edinburgh, before taking in Aberdeen and ending in Stirling.

Finally, with a week to go before the vote, the BBC will also host the biggest debate the country has ever seen, in front of thousands of teenagers at Glasgow's SSE Hydro.

BBC debates Date
Scotland Decides: Salmond vs. Darling 25 August
Referendum Debate - Edinburgh 26 August
Referendum Debate - Aberdeen 3 September
SSE Hydro Debate 11 September
Referendum Debate - Stirling 14 September


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There are events on throughout the country - from the Festival of Politics 2014 at the Scottish Parliament, where specific issues will be dissected by a panel of experts, to lighter sessions such as Everything you wanted to know about the referendum but were afraid to ask!.

Another notable event is the two-day festival and conference If Scotland in Stirling on 23 and 24 August.

The campaigns are obviously putting on their fair share of events, too. Labour MP Jim Murphy is currently in the midst of a #100Streets tour - where he visits 100 towns in 100 days - while SNP MSP Nicola Sturgeon has been travelling across the country speaking at #askYes events.

You can also search for official Yes Scotland or Better Together events in your area.


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For those looking to do their research on the web, the BBC's dedicated Scotland Decides section is well worth digging around. There you can find the latest news, features, explainers and videos. Fellow broadcaster STV also has a similar set-up.

Of course, most newspapers have made Scottish independence sections of their websites to house their latest offerings, such as The Herald, The Scotsman, Daily Record, The Telegraph, and The Guardian.

Among the huge number of referendum-related blogs and websites are the pro-independence Newsnet Scotland and Wings Over Scotland, while sites such as Scotland Says Naw and Labour Hame give the case for the Union.

A number of impartial sites are also available, whether it's for fact-checking on websites such as Full Fact, looking at public attitudes to Scottish independence on What Scotland Thinks, reading blogs and papers on the Future of the UK and Scotland, or looking at the technical details of voting in the referendum at The Electoral Commission.

The official campaign groups Yes Scotland and Better Together also have their own official websites.

Still need a referendum related question answered? Visit Referend-erm?; an informative, interactive space where no question about the #indyref is too big, small or 'stupid' to ask.


Now for the BBC TV plug. BBC Scotland's television news programme Reporting Scotland brings you the latest developments in the referendum debate, whereas Scotland 2014 provides the in-depth analysis.

The 10th documentary in BBC Scotland's in-depth series of 13 referendum documentaries will look at the psychological techniques used to influence the Scottish referendum vote. The previous nine are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Other documentaries have already aired - Andrew Neil's Scotland Votes: What's at Stake for the UK? and Robert Peston's Scotland: For Richer or Poorer?. The next effort from network is Andrew Marr's Great Scots: The Writers Who Shaped a Nation.

There are also subtitled BBC Alba referendum documentaries.

BBC Scotland documentary Original air date
Scotland's Smoking Gun 28 January
Five Million Ways to Be Scottish 4 February
Scotland's Top Ten Battlegrounds 11 February
Referendum Connections 9 April
What Women Want 22 April
Blethering Referendum - Part 1 5 May
Blethering Referendum - Part 2 12 May
Janet's Scotland 10 June
The Games People Play 22 July
Mind Games 19 August

BBC Radio

Finally, a new nightly radio programme fronted by Andrew Black (above) and Graham Stewart called Referendum Tonight gives a detailed round-up and analysis of the day's referendum stories.

Sunday morning's programme Crossfire sees presenter John Beattie and a representative from each side of the debate (Andrew Wilson for 'Yes', Pam Duncan-Glancy for 'No') debate key issues.

And there's more coverage of the key issues on Good Morning Scotland, Beattie and Newsdrive.

Speaking of debates, The Big Debate is running referendum specials in Ayr, Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you want to be in the audience, you can apply online.

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