Scots Euro results are in (almost)

Brian Taylor

Final results from Scotland in - sans the Western Isles which is due later. SNP top the poll - and declare themselves delighted with that.

However, they are less than delighted that they have failed to squeeze out UKIP. It looks like David Coburn will become Scotland's sixth MEP.

Plus, their voting share as it stands is down on five years ago.

Labour come second in the polling and say they are pleased that they have gained ground from the last time. Their voting share is up - albeit upon a very poor performance at the last Euros.

And the others?

As things stand, the Tories have put on voting share in Scotland. UKIP have doubled their vote to come fourth. The Greens are fifth. And the Liberal Democrats - the party that is most obviously associated with supporting Europe, the party of shared UK governance - has come sixth.

I spoke to (UKIP lead Scottish candidate) David Coburn and congratulated him on his apparent victory in the Euro Elections, pending the final result.

He said it proves his party has an appeal beyond England. He argued that the SNP had peaked and were now on the slide. He voiced the belief that independence would be rejected in the referendum.

He said politics was now divided into libertarians and authoritarians. He was a libertarian.

That included treating the issue of drugs as a health matter, rather than a judicial one.

Criminalising drug use, he said, had simply driven up the profits of pushers.