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Scottish independence: David Cameron says vote is not about his future

David Cameron has signalled he would not quit as prime minister in the event of a "Yes" vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

He told BBC Radio 5live of the vote: "It's not about my future, it's about Scotland's future."

Mr Cameron added that the British public would decide whether or not he kept his job at the next UK election.

His comments came ahead of the referendum, which is being held on 18 September.

Appearing on the 5live breakfast show, Mr Cameron was asked if he would stand down as prime minister and Conservative leader in the event of a "Yes" vote.

He replied: "My name is not appearing on the ballot paper, I don't even have a vote in this Scottish referendum.

"I believe, as prime minister, I did the right thing by enabling this vote to go ahead, but the vote is about whether Scotland stays in the United Kingdom or separates itself from the United Kingdom - it's not about my future, it's about Scotland's future."

Mr Cameron said he would be spending every day between now and the next UK election ensuring his government's long-term economic plan was in place, adding: "At the end of that process, it will be the British public that decide whether I keep my job or lose my job, and that's the way it should work in a democracy."