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Scottish Labour launch European election campaign

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Media captionJohann Lamont said Scottish Labour would work with Europe, as she launched the party's European election campaign

Scottish Labour has launched its campaign for the 2014 European elections with a pledge to fight for jobs and fairness.

Party leader Johann Lamont put a focus on using the EU to create jobs, cut banker bonuses and scrap zero hours contracts.

Ahead of the 22 May European poll, she also drew comparisons between the SNP and UKIP.

Labour won two out of Scotland's six European seats at the last election.

Speaking at the campaign launch at Glasgow Kelvin College, which has benefitted from EU funding, Ms Lamont said she wanted to work in partnership with Europe.

"The European Union has been very important for Scotland," she said, adding: "We want to make sure we send voices to Europe that will stand up for Scotland in Europe."

Outlining her party's campaign, the Scottish Labour leader added: "We think it is about jobs, we think it is about fairness in the work place, it's about making sure that people are not exploited.

"It is about trying to create economic and social opportunities for people and that is very much in line with our politics in Scotland, but it's the politics we fight for in Europe too."

Ms Lamont also said the European election result would offer no real indication of which way the 18 September independence referendum would go.

Comparing the SNP and UKIP leaders, she added: "Alex Salmond talks often about people who live and work in Scotland are in the best place to understand the needs of Scotland.

"If you took out Scotland and put in Britain, you're hearing Nigel Farage."

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