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Scotland's referendum: What are the issues around energy?

The question of whether energy bills would rise in the event of Scottish independence has come into sharp focus.

The pro-Union lobby believes householders would pay more post-Yes, but pro-independence backers disagree and say a single energy market would continue for the whole of the UK.

Here, we bring together the main stories, explainers and official documents covering the issue.

What's the current set up?

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The UK government controls the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity. It also rules on nuclear energy and nuclear installations, plus nuclear safety and security. The Scottish government is opposed to new nuclear power stations and, despite the issue being a Westminster matter, it can refuse planning applications under the 1989 Electricity Act.

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What powers does Scotland have?

What could change post-Yes?

The Scottish government's White Paper on independence said current levels of energy subsidy from across the UK should be maintained, with the retention of a single Great Britain-wide energy market keeping prices stable and energy supplies secure.

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White Paper: Environment, energy and resources

Minister Ewing says UK government is scaremongering

What do the pro-Union parties have to say?

Politicians backing the Better Together campaign believe that because Scotland is part of the GB energy market and part of the UK its energy industry has flourished. They say the current single energy market means costs can be spread far and wide and customers benefit from consistency. But they reckon that under independence that single market would end.

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'Yes' vote 'could hit energy sector'

Minister Davey says 'energy benefits would go'

Who is saying what, including you?

Politicians, academics, industry experts and members of the public have had much to say about the current energy system and what might happen to it in the event of a "Yes" vote.

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Expert looks at energy market claims

UK 'faces energy blackout risk', says regulator Ofgem

SSE says single market likely post-Yes

Cameron and Salmond focus on energy

Row over post-yes energy market

Experts examine referendum claims

Ofgem delays grid charges overhaul

Douglas Fraser: Complex energy choices, and in whose interests?

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