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Scotland's referendum: What are the issues around pensions?

The issue of pensions has consistently registered as one of the key issues in the independence debate.

A BBC survey of 1,008 adults ranked it second in a list of the 10 things that mattered most - only the economy was deemed more important.

Here, we bring together the main stories, explainers and official documents covering the issue.

What's the current set up?

State pensions are managed by the UK government, which pays £113.10 a week for a single person and £226.20 a week for a couple. Men claim it at 65 and women at 61. By 2028 the new pension age will be 67.

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Pensions and the referendum debate explained

What do we know about the SNP's vision?

What powers does Scotland have?

What could change post-Yes?

In its White Paper on Scottish independence, the Scottish government said the state pension would rise to 66 in 2020 (in line with the rest of the UK) but an independent commission would advise on any changes after that. It also said - in a paper giving more detail to its plan - that it wanted a single state pension to be paid at a similar rate to the rest of the UK.

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White Paper: Health, wellbeing and social protection

Post-Yes pension 'would be stronger'

Minister: Pensions 'secure' post-Yes

What about private pensions?

There has been much discussion about what might happen to private pensions in the event of independence. Some in the pensions industry raise questions about how defined benefit schemes might work if Scotland broke away from the rest of the UK. However, others say expected changes to EU regulations could make it easier to run such schemes across borders.

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'No clear plan' on Scotland pensions

Cross-border pension rules to stay

Who is saying what, including you?

Politicians, academics, industry experts and members of the public have had much to say about the current pensions system and what might happen to it in the event of a "Yes" vote.

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Q&A: Your independence questions

Pension age rise 'could be delayed'

At-a-glance: The economics of independence

'No clear plan' on Scotland pensions

Governments clash over pension costs

Brown: UK 'protects' Scots' pensions

Pension age plan 'not fair on Scots'

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Media captionIt is estimated that the pressure for the UK government to raise the state pension age to 67 by 2027 is not as great in Scotland

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