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Scottish independence: Put your questions to Dennis Canavan

Dennis Canavan
Image caption Dennis Canavan is the chairman of the Yes Scotland campaign group

The latest in our series of independence referendum webcasts will see chairman of Yes Scotland, Dennis Canavan, answering your questions.

The BBC's Bill Whiteford will be quizzing the former Labour MP and former independent MSP for Falkirk West.

Mr Canavan's vision for independence differs in some respects from the nationalists.

He believes Scotland should adopt its own currency while the SNP said an independent Scotland should stick with the pound.

The former politician has also argued that independence could help secure the election of a Labour government in Scotland.

If you have something to ask Mr Canavan email

Please put "Referendum questions" in the message field of your email.

People in Scotland will go to the polls on Thursday, 18 September, to vote in the independence referendum.

They will be asked the Yes/No question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

The interview with Mr Canavan will be published on BBC Scotland's news website.

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