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Scottish independence reports: General

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  • Scotland's constitutional future: Responses to the consultation (UK government) (17 May 2012) - The UK government's consultation on Scotland's constitutional future said there was clear feeling that there should be a single, clear question in the referendum, reviewed by the Electoral Commission, and steps should be taken to ensure the vote itself was legal.
  • Scotland and the United Kingdom (The Royal Society of Edinburgh) (11 February 2012) -The Royal Society of Edinburgh said that while it could be argued Westminster viewed devolution as an event rather than a process, the independence debate had shown arguments over identity had a continuing salience.
  • Future Scotland: Discussions and Priorities (Scottish Council for Development and Industry) (28 May 2013) - The organisation said there was an appetite among its members for more economic information on the debate, but raised concern over the possibility of a blizzard of confusing and contradictory arguments due to a lack of agreed evidence.
  • Scotland analysis: science and research (UK government) (11 November 2013) -The UK government said Scotland, as part of the UK, has a thriving research base ranked second only to the US - a situation which could not be guaranteed under independence.
  • Imagining Scotland's Future (Church of Scotland) (26 February 2014) - The Kirk said the independence debate needs to go beyond issues like how much better off Scots will be financially.
  • Emigration and Immigration options (Options for Scotland) (March 2013) - The pro-independence think tank said a post-"Yes" Scotland must provide financial incentives to discourage young Scots from emigrating and taking their children abroad.
  • The potential implications of independence for businesses in Scotland (Weir Group and Oxford Economics) (3 April 2014) - The Glasgow-based engineering firm, which has 15,000 staff working in the minerals, oil and gas, and power sectors in more than 70 countries, said Scottish independence carried "substantial risk" and that the "quality of life of millions of people" was at stake.
  • Scottish independence referendum factsheets (UK government) (26 March 2014) - The UK government published a series of information packs highlighting what it described as the benefits of Scotland remaining in the UK.