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Scottish independence reports: Pensions and welfare

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  • Improving social outcomes in Scotland (DevoPlus) (September, 2012) - The DevoPlus group, which backs more powers for Holyrood short of independence, said Scotland needed a more integrated tax and benefits system to improve the country's poor performance on social indicators like health and housing.
  • Scotland's pensions future: What pension arrangements would Scotland need? (Institute of Chartered Accounts Scotland) (26 April, 2013) - The institute said work was needed to quantify existing public sector and state pension liabilities ahead of possible independence and added that there would be complex issues to resolve when it came to cross-border defined and benefit and hybrid schemes.
  • The Expert Working Group on Welfare (Scottish government) (11 June, 2013) - The Scottish government's welfare working group made a series of recommendations, including that welfare reform should be considered alongside other policies to develop an integrated system based on equality and fairness of access for all.
  • Pensions in an independent Scotland (Scottish government) (23 September, 2013) - The Scottish government said the basic state pension would continue to be paid under independence and from 2016, new pensioners will get £160 a week, making them £1.10 better off than those in the rest of the UK.
  • Scotland analysis: Work and pensions (UK government) (24 April, 2014) - The UK government said an independent Scotland would have to fund pension costs of an additional £450 per working-age adult each year.
  • Life expectancy and the state pension (Scottish government) (12 May, 2014) - The Scottish government said a 65 year-old woman entitled to a total pension of £160 per week could expect to get around £11,000 less in Scotland than counterparts in the rest of the UK, with the figure for men at £10,000.
  • Re-thinking welfare: Fair, personal and simple (The expert working group on welfare) (4 June, 2014) - The Scottish government-established group said the welfare system should emphasise fairness and personalisation in the short term, with a focus on simplicity in the longer term.