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Scottish Parliament: Review of the year


Hi, we're Craig and Ailsa and we run BBC Scotland's Democracy Live website. During the parliamentary year we cover what happens in the chamber and committee rooms. See if you can answer the questions we've set in our 2012 end-of-year Holyrood quiz.....

Craig Hutchison and Ailsa Brown

1.) Multiple Choice Question

What ministerial role did Humza Yousaf take on after the cabinet reshuffle?

Humza Yousaf
  1. Housing and Welfare Minister
  2. Environment and Climate Change Minister
  3. External Affairs and International Development Minister

2.) Multiple Choice Question

What is the planned minimum price for alcohol?

money text
  1. 45p
  2. 50p
  3. 55p
  4. 40p

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What new parliamentary business did Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick introduce in her shake up of Holyrood?

Tricia Marwick
  1. Decision time
  2. General questions
  3. Member's debate
  4. Topical questions

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which MSP was suspended from the chamber for a day for telling the presiding officer "you're out of order"?

  1. Duncan McNeil
  2. Michael McMahon
  3. Kenneth Gibson
  4. Jackson Carlaw

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Jean Urquhart and John Finnie left the SNP, but what was the issue that triggered the move?

John Finnie and Jean Urquhart
  1. EU membership legal advice
  2. Votes for 16/17 year olds
  3. Nato membership

6.) Multiple Choice Question

On what date was the historic Edinburgh Agreement signed?

Alex Salmond and David Cameron
  1. 15 October
  2. 14 July
  3. 15 September
  4. 14 November

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Who replaced John Park as list MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife?

John Park
  1. Richard Baker
  2. Brian Forbes
  3. Jayne Baxter
  4. Brian Wilson

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Over what issue did Alex Salmond and then Michael Russell have to apologise for in 2012?

Alex Salmond and Mike Russell
  1. College budgets
  2. EU legal advice
  3. Nato
  4. Tuition fees

9.) Multiple Choice Question

MSPs voted in favour of a motion from Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to lower the drink drive limit to what level?

Drink driver
  1. 0mg
  2. 20mg
  3. 50mp
  4. 30mg

10.) Multiple Choice Question

What did US tycoon Donald Trump tell MSPs looking into claims wind farms were damaging Scottish tourism?

Donald Trump
  1. "I am the evidence"
  2. "I am the boss"
  3. "I know best"


  1. Glasgow list MSP Humza Yousaf took on the External Affairs and International Development ministerial role in the first major cabinet reshuffle since the SNP won power in 2007.
  2. MSPs passed new laws in May that will see the price of alcohol in Scotland set at 50p per unit - that is 5p more than the planned 45p for England.
  3. Tricia Marwick introduced the new "topical questions time" to allow MSPs to grill ministers at short notice on major, emerging issues.
  4. Labour MSP Michael McMahon (pictured bottom left) was supended for "gross discourtesy" after making his comment during a heated debate on inaccurate figures given to the parliament.
  5. The two MSPs left the party over a decision by members at the Scottish National Party conference in October to change their anti-Nato membership stance.
  6. The Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond signed the deal on 15 October - paving the way for the 2014 Scottish independence referendum - in Edinburgh.
  7. Kelty-based politician Jayne Baxter was a former parliamentary assistant to ex-PM Gordon Brown. She has now taken over from Mr Park who has taken up a full-time union position.
  8. Alex Salmond apologised to MSPs for using incorrect figures in relation to college funding. He told the chamber his Education Secretary Mike Russell was also sorry.
  9. The Scottish government wants to reduce the drink drive limit from 80 milligrams per 100ml of blood to 50 milligrams.
  10. The businessman told members on the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee "I am the evidence" when asked for information to back his claims that wind power would damage Scotland's tourism industry.

Your Score

0 - 4 : You're suspended

5 - 7 : Backbench hopeful

8 - 10 : Frontbench promotion

Helpful hint - read our parliamentary review of the year before attempting the quiz.

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