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Labour's Michael McMahon handed one-day Holyrood ban

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Media captionMichael McMahon told Holyrood's presiding officer she was "out of order"

A Labour MSP who shouted "you're out of order" at Holyrood's presiding officer has been suspended for "gross discourtesy".

Michael McMahon was banned from the chamber for the day for his comments to Tricia Marwick on Wednesday evening.

Mr McMahon made the remark during a heated discussion on inaccurate figures given to the parliament by First Minister Alex Salmond.

He accepted he made a mistake but said the punishment was disproportionate.

The incident happened after opposition parties complained that Mr Salmond was allowed to correct details of figures he gave on green jobs without having to explain the correction to the chamber in person.

During points raised in the chamber on Wednesday evening, Ms Marwick called out: "Order".

Mr McMahon responded by saying "you're out of order", before making a quick apology.

But, in a statement to parliament on Thursday, Ms Marwick said she had decided that he should be excluded.

She said: "It is imperative that the authority of the chair is respected at all times.

"If that were not the case, the parliament would be unable to carry out the functions that the people of Scotland have asked us to undertake.

"Yesterday, Michael McMahon showed gross discourtesy and disrespect to the chair."

The presiding officer added: "Taking all the circumstances into account, I have decided to exclude Mr McMahon from the chamber for the duration of today's chamber business.

"This is not a decision I have taken lightly."

Ms Marwick added: "We have important business in front of us.

"As parliamentarians, those who elect us to this place look to us to show leadership and debate the issues before us with respect and dignity."

Speaking later, Mr McMahon said he was banned because he "apologised too quickly", but said he accepted the ruling.

He said he made the comments because he was frustrated by ministers misleading parliament.

Mr McMahon added: "While I fully accept that was I wrong to make the comment I did, I do not believe that the punishment I have received is proportionate.

"I certainly do not believe that its justification stands comparison with those who have previously been suspended and I believe that it is wrong for government ministers to mislead parliament free of any punishment."

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