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Scottish independence: Minister Moore 'confident' of additional powers

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has said he is "confident" Scotland will get more powers following a "no" vote in the 2014 independence referendum.

Mr Moore, a Liberal Democrat MP, also said his party was already talking about how to take those plans forward.

The Scottish secretary's comments came as he gave evidence to Holyrood's special referendum committee.

Increased financial powers are being delivered to the Edinburgh parliament through the Scotland Act.

The legislation also included new devolved powers on drink driving and speed limits.

In February, Prime Minister David Cameron offered to consider more powers for Scotland, in the event of a vote against independence.

Adding to those earlier comments, Mr Moore told MSPs on the committee: "I'm confident that once Scotland has decided to reject independence, of course we will then deliver on further powers.

"My party's already actively engaged in that debate, others will be too."

The UK and Scottish governments recently signed a deal on the terms of the independence referendum, known as the Edinburgh Agreement.