Scotland politics

Fife Council

  • The population of the council area stood at 363,460 in 2009 and the authority employs about 21,300 full and part-time workers.
  • The council's budget stands at about £820m.
  • Fife Councilproduces the second largest amount of household waste of any Scottish local authority, but it recycles almost 57% of that waste.
  • The online retail giant Amazon is to create 950 new jobs in Scotland.
  • Distribution firmAmazon created more than 700 jobswere created at a newly-built plant distribution centre in Dunfermline, Fife. That facility replaced a smaller plant at Glenrothes, also in Fife.
  • There are 23 multi-member wards on Fife Council, electing 78 councillors.
  • A campaign group Big Brother Watch recently found thatFife Council runs 1,420 CCTVcameras at a cost of £0.9m.

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