Scotland politics

Dundee City Council

  • The population of the city stood at 143,390 in 2009. The authority has about 7,200 full-time posts.
  • Dundee City Councilhas a budget of about £350m.
  • To the east of Dundee the area is industrial, containing the docks that are important to the off-shore oil industry.
  • The west of the city has a vibrant student population attending Dundee's two universities.
  • Dundee, once famed as a city of "jute, jam and journalism", is now remodelled on being a "city of discovery".
  • Thevideo games industryis a key industry for Dundee.
  • A £1bn project is now underway to re-discover the area's waterfront. From now until 2030, buildings which have become a familiar sight in the city will be gone, roads re-routed, new civic spaces created and new offices built.

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