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Ed Miliband says Scotland needs a Labour government to 'stand up for jobs'

Labour leader Ed Miliband said Scotland needed a Labour government that would "stand up for jobs" and get the country working again.

He told the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee that apprenticeships were needed for the future.

Mr Miliband said he wanted tax cuts for hard-pressed middle income earners.

In his speech, he criticised the SNP, saying it did not have an industrial policy because it was "too busy" trying to change borders.

Delegates were told: "One of the first acts of the next Labour government will be to say that if companies want major government contracts they must offer apprenticeships for the next generation.

"And we have to reform the way our banks work as well.

"You know the Tories said it was anti-business when I spoke out about massive bonuses.

"But one of the reasons I did is that they're not meeting their targets on small business lending.

"That's not anti-business, it's pro-business."

He added: "I want banks which help to create more successful entrepreneurs, more profit-making businesses, and more good jobs."

Mr Miliband peppered his speech with pro-unionist comments.

He said that to every problem, the nationalists' answer was the same - separation, division and isolation.

The Labour leader said that throwing up a border across the A1 and M74 was going to help the SNP.

He added: "The way to beat the Tory-led government and the SNP government is not different, it's the same: to show how our values can make our country work for the working people of Britain."

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