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Johann Lamont takes leadership 'lead'

Tom Harris, Johann Lamont and Ken Macintosh
Image caption The Scottish Labour leadership candidates are Tom Harris, Johann Lamont and Ken Macintosh

Labour MSP Johann Lamont claims to have surged ahead in the race to lead the Scottish party, after winning most of the nominations in the contest.

Ms Lamont, currently her party's deputy leader, was backed by the biggest number of Labour parliamentarians, unions and party members.

She is standing against MP Tom Harris and MSP Ken Macintosh.

Iain Gray decided to quit as Scottish Labour leader in the wake of the SNP's landslide election win in May.

According to figures released by Scottish Labour, Ms Lamont has been backed by 27 members of the party's MSP, MP and MEP group, 12 unions and affiliated organisations - including Unison - and 14 constituency Labour parties.

Mr Macintosh is being supported by 26 parliamentarians, five unions and affiliates and 10 constituency Labour parties.

Mr Harris has won backing from 13 parliamentarians, including one MEP, but has not secured the support of any MSPs or unions, while he is being supported by his own, Glasgow South constituency Labour Party.

Each of the three sections in the Labour electoral college will be voting in the contest, with the result due on 17 December.

The party is also electing a new deputy leader, with two MPs, Ian Davidson and Anas Sarwar, standing, along with MSP Lewis Macdonald.

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