Salmon fillets and Scotch face renewed US tariffs threat

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Scotch whisky and salmon are facing a renewed threat from the escalating trade dispute between America and Europe.

Salmon fillets and blended Scotch have been included by US officials on a list of potential targets for an expanded range of goods facing tariffs.

Single malt whisky is already subject to a 25% tax, having been added to an initial round of tariffs in October.

Cashmere sweaters and shortbread from Scotland were also among £6bn worth of exports targeted in the first round.

image captionSalmon fillets have been added to the list of potential tariff targets

The US trade office said it was planning further tariffs because EU subsidies to Airbus were greater than previously thought.

The new list includes jam, wine, olive oil, carpets and kitchenware.

Blended Scotch whisky exports to America last year were worth £660m.

The Scotch Whisky Association said it was continuing to urge an end to the use of tariffs on products unconnected to the trade dispute.

Salmon exports had been threatened with US tariffs before October.

The total value of Scottish salmon exports to the US last year was about £170m, although this round would only target salmon fillets.

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